• The 2019 Congress

    Kenya Cardiac Society 37th annual scientific congress, Pride Inn Shanzu, Mombasa 31st July – 3rd August 2019

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  • Cardiovascular Disease Guideline Trainer of Trainees (TOT) Workshop, 19th – 21st June 2019

    The initial phase involves training of CVD Trainer of Trainees (TOTs) who will champion dissemination of the guideline at the county and sub-county level.

  • Assessment of National Capacity for Cardiac Surgery in Kenya as at 2018

    The Kenya Cardiac Society (KCS) has the overall mandate of  promoting and maintaining the highest standards of cardiovascular health in Kenya and the region.

  • The ICE (Integrated Cardiovascular Imaging & Education) Forum

    The ICE (Integrated Cardiovascular imaging and Education) Forum is an initiative to bring together cardiologists, radiologists and imaging technicians to provide a platform to develop cardiovascular patient management and the field of multimodality cardiovascular patient imaging in Kenya.


The Kenya Cardiac Society is the voice for all those working in the fields of cardiovascular care and research in Kenya and its environs; we aim to represent and support both the professionals who work in cardiology and the patients for whom we want to encourage the best possible treatment. We are committed to enhancing and maintaining the highest standards in training, education and research and to set standards of clinical excellence for the benefit of patients.

The Kenya Cardiac Society is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization found in Kenya. Its aim is to promote cardiac health and cardiac related activities in Kenya. KCS also strives to improve awareness of cardiovascular health and to encourage heart healthy living.

It was founded by the late Prof. Hillary Ojiambo and Prof. Peter Odhiambo, and 8 members of the 1980 Kenyatta National Hospital Cardiac Team. The society has since grown and is now a member of the World Heart Federation. It has more than 100 members, and has a wide variety of activities.

Our Vision

The champion for the advancement of cardiovascular health in Kenya and in the region discovery and dissemination of best practices.

Our Mission

To promote and maintain highest standards of cardiovascular care through the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the education of public and the professionals, the promotion of best practices and the encouragement, support and coordination of research in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Aims & Objectives

To encourage, support and coordinate research into preventive research and curative aspects of cardiovascular diseases.

The acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and information concerning cardiovascular disorders to members of the society and the population in general by public media (T.V, radio, newspaper), public lectures, publications and journals clubs etc.

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