Continuous Medical Education (CME’s), Training, Workshops & Symposia

Continuous Medical Education (CME’S)

The Kenya Cardiac society hold monthly so-called CME’s in the capital at various venues across the town. We also do CMEs out of time in the form of mini-symposia either themed or in relation to a specific events.

This year we held a 2-day mini-symposium in Eldoret in February and are planning to do another in October 2017.



1. Assessment of National Capacity For Cardiac Surgery in Kenya as at 2018

The Kenya Cardiac Society (KCS) has the overall mandate of  promoting and maintaining the highest standards of cardiovascular health in Kenya and the region.

As part of this mandate, KCS conducted an evaluation of the local capacity for cardiac surgery in Kenya as at 2018. This process involved mapping of the health facilities providing cardiac surgery, evaluating their capacity and reviewing the outcomes of the surgeries conducted.

As at 2018, a total of 2616 surgeries had been conducted within various health facilities in Kenya with an overall mortality rate of 6%. This data will be used to inform development of strategies to further improve local surgical capacity as well as ensure patients have adequate information as they evaluate their treatment options.

2. The ICE (Integrated Cardiovascular Imaging and Education) Forum

The ICE (Integrated Cardiovascular imaging and Education) Forum is an initiative to bring together cardiologists, radiologists and imaging technicians to provide a platform to develop cardiovascular patient management and the field of multimodality cardiovascular patient imaging in Kenya. Cardiovascular imaging includes echocardiography, cardiac CT, cardiac MR and nuclear medicine.

This forum will ideally provide a platform for the development of standards and quality control and knowledge dissemination amongst cardiologist physicians and the radiologists. The Kenya Association of Radiologists and Kenya Cardiac Society welcome this novel initiative that integrates medical discourse amongst cardiologists, radiologists, technologists and sonographers.

The ICE Forum will form the basis of developing standards in cardiac imaging and best practices that will be applied across the board in both public and private institutions. This will include specifications of who can perform cardiac imaging or other related procedures.

The forum will provide knowledge dissemination to professional members attending and to members of the public with regards to multimodality cardiovascular imaging.

The inaugural forum has been tentatively planned for the last quarter of this year after which a regular schedule of meeting will be developed. More information on the specific date will be available next month.