Electrocardiography (ECG) Master CourseElectrocardiography (ECG) Master Course

Kenya Cardiac Society in partnership with Zydus welcomes you to a weekly course series on "Electrocardiography (ECG) Master Course".

Agenda for the A 5 - Part Series
Part 1 - Foundation of ECG Interpretation
Part 2- Tachyarrhythmias
Part 3 - Bradyarrhythmias
Part 4 - ECG in Acute Coronary Syndrome
Part 5 - Life threatening ECG patterns

1. Assessment of National Capacity for Cardiac Surgery in Kenya as at 2018.

The Kenya Cardiac Society (KCS) has the overall mandate of  promoting and maintaining the highest standards of cardiovascular health in Kenya and the region.

As part of this mandate, KCS conducted an evaluation of the local capacity for cardiac surgery in Kenya as at 2018. This process involved mapping of the health facilities providing cardiac surgery, evaluating their capacity and reviewing the outcomes of the surgeries conducted.

As at 2018, a total of 2616 surgeries had been conducted within various health facilities in Kenya with an overall mortality rate of 6%. This data will be used to inform development of strategies to further improve local surgical capacity as well as ensure patients have adequate information as they evaluate their treatment options.

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